Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine and Spring Fever?

I am so excited to post these projects!  What I discovered ... I love fluorescent paint just as much as my students do!  You would have thought my students were giving me a standing ovation when they opened their egg cartons to see bright paint!  It was like Christmas in my room for a week!  I think I will be using more fluorescent paint in the future!

First project I will introduce is my 5th graders painted flower vases and painted paper flowers...

Day 1.
Painting Warm Colored Vase with Highlights

1.  We reviewed warm and cool colors and tints and shades.
2.  Students first painted a vase using warm colors in a painted paper fashion.  We wanted to see the mixing of paints on the vases. 
3.  Students then used white to add highlights to one side of the vase where their light source would be coming from.
4.  Using fluorescent green paint, 5th graders painted stems for their flowers.

Day 2.
Making Creative Flowers from Painted Paper and adding Oil Pastel details

I have boxes of painted paper in my room.  4th graders spent a class period painting paper to create their valentines day heart paintings.  They painted on 12x18 paper, and for their project we only needed a 12x12 cut background.  The extra fluorescent painted paper was added to the painted paper boxes for the 5th graders to make their flowers.

1. Students started cutting painted paper in various shapes and sizes to make creative flowers.
2.  They were required to have 3 layers for each flower. The third layer could be the middle of the flower, which we used painted paper and medicine bottle caps. (my cousin is a nurse and saved caps for me!)
3.  They needed to fill their top half of their paper with flowers.  I had them add flowers even if there was not a stem for the flower (we pretended the stem was hiding behind another).
4. Using oil pastels, they added fun line designs to their flowers, and added a highlight to their stems.

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