Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5th Grade Clay Snowmen

 5th graders created these fabulous snowmen! 
Day 1.

1. First students were given a large square piece of clay.  They removed a little piece for the head and added details.  Then wedged their large ball of clay.
2. They made their large piece into a pinch pot
3.  Using the small piece of clay they removed another chunk for the head and rolled the clay into a ball.  They then attached the head to the pinch pot being sure to scratch and score the surface.
4.  I had the students poke a hole into the head not to go through completely.  Even though the ball of clay was probably small enough and would not blow up, I wanted to be sure!
5.  Lastly They used the extra clay to add details such as: hats, ear muffs, scarves, buttons, eyes, carrot nose, mouth etc.

Day 2
Pieces were then fired and painted using tempera paints.
All done and ready to wrap and go under the tree!


  1. What did you mean when you said you had them poke a hole in the head but not to go all the way through? a halfway hole will help from clay exploding? Love this idea though!!! :) Want to try it next X mas!

  2. Yes! If you just put a solid ball of clay in the kiln it runs into risk of exploding because of possible air bubbles. The snowmen's heads were small but I had them do it just in case! It was an easy successful project. Kids went crazy over them!

  3. u looked my snowmen????? https://vk.com/photo-33172774_273945420

  4. ttp://projectpaperpear.blogspot.com/2011/12/5th-grade-clay-snowmen.html

  5. ttp://projectpaperpear.blogspot.com/2011/12/5th-grade-clay-snowmen.html