Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paper Quiling and Watercolor Birch Trees

5th graders made the water color birch trees (lesson found on artprojectsforkids blog/pinterest) My 4th grade students created these winter paper quilling scenes. They were so creative with their stories!  We had a lot of sledding snowmen and decorated Christmas trees with presents!
This story has to be my favorite!  This student has a crazy imagination ALL the time!  His scene is of a sled crashing into a snowman!  You can see the powder of snow and the snowman's head flying in the air...a little morbid...but totally different than everyone else!
We also used a paint bellow to spray silver paint in the background for a nice snowy effect. 


  1. it is similar to an eye dropper that picks up paint when you squeeze it and release it into the paint it will suck the paint up. When you squeeze it again it pushes the paint out, but the design of the bottom causes the paint to spray out without it being heavy.