Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Hearts

4th graders created these fun Valentine Day Heart paintings inspired from Artsy-T on Flickr.
Day 1
1.  On a 12x12 white water color paper, students painted their paper with red and magenta liquid water color paints. (This class I allowed them to use blue and violet...I made the other classes only use red and magenta...I found kids went a little to crazy with to many color options!)  They had to paint at least one heart and could blend the rest of the paper with color.  Some choose to paint words or swirl designs.

Day 2.
Using a chisel tip and thin sharpie marker, students added designs to their heart paintings!


  1. Beautiful colors! We just painted some hearts today too so I need to get them posted!

  2. I think I just realized this week that Valentine's Day is next week! Last minute hanging work for everyone to enjoy!