Monday, May 2, 2011

Finished 5th grade 3D Sarcophagus

So we are FINALLY ''wrapping'' up these 3D sarcophaguses!! WOW what an adventure with my 5th graders! They really have taken on this project with great enthusiasm!  It has been a big challenge for them but they really have been enjoying themselves and are super excited to see their mummy complete!

 We cut both the front and back out and were very careful to making sure they were the same size.  We added about five pins to hold the two in place while sewing.
 Here is an up close image of a successful sewn piece.  After students were done I glued fabric glue on the edges just to make sure they did not pull out.  Sewing on this thin canvas was NOT easy!!  We had a lot of fraying issues!
 Back images 
Front images

More complete sarcophaguses will be finished this week...hopefully!


  1. Aw, they turned out great! When we did our pillow portraits, actually ALL the students were enthusiastic during the whole project; even the boys were proud to show off that some of them already knew how to sew! Thank goodness for children who love art!

  2. these turned out great! I love that they had to pay equal attention tot he front and back of the sarcophagus!

  3. Even though it has been a challenge I will definitely do something similar to this project again! It was a good time of year to do it also. Sometimes silent sewing! Thanks ladies!