Sunday, April 17, 2011

5th Grade 3D Sarcophagus'

 5th Graders are creating 3D Sarcophagus' using canvas, fabric markers and fabric paints.  

  1st- Students traced two sarcophagus' on two pieces of thin canvas. Adding a headdress, beaded collar, vertical middle line for hieroglyphic name design, and horizontal lines for symmetrical egyptian symbols.  The back piece they drew the back of the headdress and only horizontal lines where they could write out a story or create a pattern using hieroglyphics or symbols. This was all done in pencil first.

2nd- Students traced all symbols and lines using the black fabric marker or a black sharpie marker.  
3rd- I made it a requirement that they all use both fabric marker and fabric paints to fill in color.  
4th- We will be cutting these out and sewing them together (next week we start sewing!) I am expecting this to be rather difficult! I will let you know how that goes! We will stuff them with pillow filling also!


  1. cool idea! thanks for the encouragement! I should find out by the end of April. The joy of day-to-day subbing is having time to make and show art, enter juried exhibitions, contests, etc! I know that we should have time to do both (plan lessons and continue making our own art) as art teacher, but in the year and a half I spent teaching art so far, I did not have/make much time for it.

    Blessings on your teaching! I like the "art around the world" idea--another teacher I subbed for did that for elementary. It makes for a great structure for the curriculum, I think to have the cultural connections already there, and then the elements and principles are intertwined into meaningful lessons.

  2. Oh my... I attempted doing "pillow portraits" with my 4th graders a few years back. How will you be teaching them to sew? I can't remember what went wrong (so this is not a very useful comment)... but I do remember that somehow the pillows ended up much smaller than I was picturing... can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  3. Thanks Rachel :) I try and look at my project examples as part of my art making! I also "play" at a ceramics studio which once summer comes I will be Blogging about that!

  4. Hannah! Ooh what a challenge this has been! We have been working on this project for at least 4 weeks! And most are not done! It probably is taking so long because doing a demo as a whole class was not helpful to MOST of my students! I ended up going around to each table and showing them individually. The kids who got it also went around to help. I tried taking an up close pick on my last post so you can see how we stitched them!