Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Northern Lights

5th grade students learned about the Northern Lights. We have been learning about Russia and we talked about how the lights can be seen in Siberia and other areas of the arctic circle.

First 1 hour Art Class
-First students used Tempera 'Pearl It' - 'Texture It'- and white paint and painted the foreground of their painting white for a snow scene.
-Second they used water color Cool colors and painted the backgrounds with motion like we would see in the northern lights.
-Third students drew evergreen trees on green painted paper and or regular green paper. I told them they had to have at least three trees.  

Second 1 hour Art Class
-First students cut and glued down their evergreen trees in the middle ground of their painting. We ran out of green painted paper for all the classes to have green painted paper so some students used plain green paper. I had those students use oil pastels to add fun details to the trees.
-Second students used white water color paints to splatter white snow on their trees and northern lights to look like it was lightly snowing.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and as a fellow blogger and follower of many blogs, I am glad I ran into yours! I am already loving the fact that you have so many cultural lessons. This is one thing I strive to do as well, although it can be hard because I have a curriculum to follow.
    Feel free to stop on over to my blog, too. We can learn and share with teach other! Keep up the great work.
    Jessica Balsley

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog-so glad to find yours now too! You have some wonderful projects-I love your theme. Great inspirations!