Thursday, November 18, 2010



Our second country in our 'Art Around the World' series is Russia!  My little artists will be studying Russian architecture, Siberian culture and Russian folk tales.

3rd Grade students read 'The littlest Matryoshka' and created their own matryoshka dolls.  More examples to come :)

4th grade students studied Siberian climate and created a Winter Birch forest.  Students used a piece of heavy card stock and pulled the paint across creating the 'birch' torn bark. They then added tints and shades using white, tans, browns and peaches.  I have 6 4th grade classes so some classes used black, brown or white paint to make the birch trunk.  When they are done adding tints and shades they will roll white 'snow' using corn. Finished projects to come :)

5th Grade students studied Russian architecture and Russian folk tales.  This lesson was inspired by the book 
'The Snow Maiden and Other Russian Tales' and also a lesson I found on Painted Paper's Blog. More to come :)