Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clay Storage Rack

This is the basement where my kiln is.  The previous art teacher left me this old bread rack.  It works PERFECTLY for storing our clay work.  These black trays slide very easily in and out. I can take them to my room and put the work right on there, wheel them back down to the ''kiln room'' and store them easily on this rack until they are ready to be fired.
I write the teachers names on a piece of tape to keep the clay pieces organized.  
These are our Chinese clay dragons by 4th graders.


  1. WOW! What a nice rack to hold all your clay! I love those dragons!!!!!

  2. Thanks! The kids are super excited about these!

  3. Wow!! Nice rack!! Sorry... I couldn't resist ; )

    Seriously though, that bread rack is fantastic!

  4. Just discovered your blog and love your ideas! Please check my blog out "That Little Art Teacher"