Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chinese Couplets

Good Luck for the New Year

3rd grade students learned about the Chinese New Year.  They learned how the Chinese clean their homes to let in good luck for the new year, put a fresh coat of red paint on their doors and decorate them with couplets for good luck and fortune.
These couplets were made with 6x18 red paper. The students looked at the good luck sayings below chose one and copied them in Chinese calligraphy.

The students used black tempera paint to write their calligraphy. Once they were done they added designs with glue and sprinkled gold glitter over the glue.  


  1. Thanks! :) These will workout great as filler pieces on my bulletin boards

  2. Beautiful!! Wish I'd seen this when I was still teaching in the art classroom -- will have to make some with my girls here at home. : )

  3. Thanks! You totally should make these with your girls! :)