Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ancient Greece

The third stop on our Art History timeline adventure is Ancient Greece!
We are continuing our journey on the timeline after taking a break to work on some Christmas/Winter projects. I need to be in full force with my art show feeling like it is right around the corner! Really? Can I be saying that ALREADY!?
Here are a few books that gave inspiration for our projects.  To introduce Ancient Greece to my students I started with a power point and smart board presentation like I normally do.  My students are now use to this format.  I have cut down the information I provide them though.  I get so involved in my research that I think I give information over load to my students sometimes!  I wish I could remember which blog I read on, but that particular art teacher stated that she cuts her introduction to history or background information time to 5 minutes.  After I read that I changed my format.  It was a lot easier on me as well!  

5th Grade Painted Vases
I have seen this project done a few times from various places.  A few that I can remember are from an art education friend from college Andrew Kiczek, and Laura at Painted Paper (I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to substitute teach for her, and come in and observe her this year! So grateful for her!)

1. Using a white 12x18 paper students folded the paper in half (long way!).  Drawing on the fold they created an Ancient Greek inspired vase. 
2. Cut out and designed Greek Amphora using red, brown, tan, and black crayons.  I did have some classes outline with sharpie (once I realized I forgot with the above class!) 

3. Backgrounds were painted with black water color paints to create a red figured vase! 

4. I love having my students paint their frames! So we painted our frames using the same colors and made line designs.

3rd and 4th grade projects coming soon!  I will be adding more photo's of work to my Flickr account! Another one of my new years resolutions.... ;)


  1. These are great, I did a similar lesson with "Blue Willow" style vases for our unit on China with my third grade art students. We would cut a symmetrical paper vase like you did with white paper, then decorate with blue watercolor or blue markers then glue them onto a piece of pretty blue paper as a background. Very pretty blue and white hallway display!

    For Ancient Greece we would paint paper plates with a red/brown color paint then after they dried, the students would decorate them with black sharpies. We would also make collagraph printmaking plates with poster board and make Greek Vase prints- your way is much easier! I like it : )

    Pink and Green Mama

  2. Thank you MaryLea for your comment! I am actually doing a similar plate project with my third graders that I will be posting soon!