Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Issues!
sorry it has taken so long to get the Lizard directions out. I started it in June and got frustrated with the Blog! I tried again today and I am not understanding why my Post's are not publishing in the right order! I am still sort of new at this! The steps are labeled and I will again attempt to put them in the right order! Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. Having just dealt with my own blog issues, I'm totally sympathetic. If you are working on blogger, each time you enter new pictures they will go ABOVE the ones already entered, not below like you'd expect. But you can drop and drag them to move them around, so give it a try.
    But anyhow, I'm so glad you are trying because these lizards are SO cute. I currently can't see the pictures - for some reason my laptop is blocking them from showing, but hopefully if I check on my desktop computer tomorrow I'll see the whole thing, because I really want to try these lizards.

  2. Phyl,
    Thanks!! I am going to keep playing! I have a new MAC laptop also and trying to get used to the transition from PC to MAC! Blogger also drives me crazy that posts have to be short! I had to post the Lizard directions 3 different times for it all to fit! I feel like I must not be doing something right! Hope you can see the pics through your desk-top! And have fun with the Lizards I know I did!!!

  3. I can see the photos but,
    I noticed that step one is posted last in the sequence. If you would like to change this so that it's first, go to edit post. When your post comes up in the edit window, click on POST OPTIONS (bottom left) from the drop down menu go to POST DATE AND TIME. Check SCHEDULED AT and set the date and time to a minute LATER than step two. This will bring it up to the top of the sequence.
    I'm not sure why you couldn't fit it all in one post. That doesn't seem quite right.
    I hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for posting these lizards. I can't wait to try them:)

  5. Barbara-Thank you tons for the blog info!! I updated it so it will be easier for others to read!

  6. Yes I found the posting of all of post is all dictated by the date that is created and so if you have them sitting in drafts for a few days it will post in the past. But I did also discover how to change the date. PS I will give you my link to our auction items which has a great Aboriginal Arts project. Be in touch

  7. Cheryl,
    Had a few moments to check out your art auction! Super Cool! Thanks for linking me to that lesson! Thank you for sharing! =)